About 160 As we Move Forward

If you’re like me, you look for reasons to celebrate. It could be your child/grandchild’s excellent report card, reaching a new fitness goal, or simply visiting with friends after a busy work week. Everyday milestones are worth celebrating.

With this in mind, you can imagine how much attention something like a 160th anniversary deserves! As you look at this site you will see that it’s about this celebration—celebrating our history, progress and programs, and preparing for our future. We’ve even captured the spirit in the anniversary’s tag line. We’re looking back, but certainly moving forward.

One hundred-sixty years ago, a YMCA association formed right here in Mobile, Alabama. There was a dedicated building utilized for Y services that included lodging and physical activities for the community.

Our size isn’t the only thing to celebrate. Incorporating our three areas of focus - Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility, the YMCA of South Alabama has developed hundreds of programs including aquatics, summer camp, afterschool, and sports. We offer childcare, military support, and family services. There is no limit to our inclusiveness for the communities that we serve.

Please browse through our history and discover how we grew to be the association you know today. We’d love to know ... does our history overlap with your personal history? Have a little fun! Take part in our challenges and show off your skills. You could win a prize, or be featured on this site.

Most importantly, help us continue to move forward. We don’t turn anyone away due to their inability to pay. Your support can help provide scholarships for sending a child to camp or getting families the services they need. Every donation makes a difference, and gets us closer to serving the YMCA of South Alabama communities for another 160 years.

Now that’s certainly a cause for celebration!

For a Better Us—

Sue Sanders