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YMCA Swim Lessons
benefits of YMCA swim lessons
Did you know group swim lessons began at the Y more than 100 years ago?  Teaching swimming to children and adults of all ages is a Y specialty and something YMCAs have become collectively known for.  We encourage you to take advantage of our expertise by enrolling yourself or your children in swimming lessons. 
After all, water safety is a big concern, especially with the aquatic environment of the Gulf Coast. The CDC reports that participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children aged 1 to 4 years. So let's get started. Jump in to swimming with the Y, today!

Class Levels and Descriptions
Adult Swim Lessons
Adult swim lessons are available upon request.
Swim Teams
View our Program Guide for information about current swim team offerings. Check with your local YMCA for Swim Team times and dates.
Group Lessons
Students are grouped by age and ability. Pre-school classes have up to six students, while Youth classes have no more that eight students per class.
Parent and Child (ages 6 to 36 months)
Water adjustment and water acclimation, entering and exiting water with and with out parent’s help, shipping and expelling water on cue, breath control and submerging, learning balance and proper body positions, buoyancy and back-floating , towing on front and back, kicking and moving arms on command--and moves towards a wanted object such as toy, and side of pool, prone launch and prone gliding, safety tips and handouts for parents.
Pre-School (ages 3-5 years)
Beginner (Pike, Eel) Advanced (Ray, Star)
This class follows a skill progression designed for the maturity and coordination of preschool age children.  This class offers an excellent socialization and play period as well as an opportunity to establish and develop good water safety skills.
Youth (ages 6-12 years)
Beginner (Polliwog, Guppy) Intermediate (Minnow, Fish) Advanced (Flying Fish, Shark)
This class consists of six skill levels, progressing from beginning water adjustment skills and basic swimming strokes to advanced rescue and water sports skills and competitive swimming strokes.  Each level concentrates on stroke development, personal safety and rescue skills, students personal growth, and increasing student’s endurance and self-confidence in the water.
Adult (ages 13 and up)
Classes are small and informal which allows students to receive individual instruction and extra practice time.  This class focuses on water adjustment, water safety, and proper stroke mechanics.
Swim lesson policies
· Refunds: A $10 non-refundable registration fee is
automatically withheld. If dropping before class starting date, the full amount minus the registration fee can be
returned.  After day two, no fee can be refunded.
· Transfers: We charge a $10 transfer fee for each transfer.  Only 3 transfers per transaction are allowed. A transfer can be requested due to unforeseen circumstances. Transfer requests must be made by the first day of the session. There is no charge for the first transfer if due to injury or illness.
· Proper swim attire is required for pool use.
Bathing suits are required. Participants who are not potty- trained must wear swim diapers or plastic pants. No diapers are allowed in the pool. The use of goggles,
earplugs, nose clips, swim caps are permitted in swim class. The use of face masks, snorkels, fins, water wings, or any personal flotation device is not allowed in swim class unless specified by the instructor.
· Make-up policy: Because the indoor pool is not grounded, the pool area will close for thunder and/or lightning. We must clear the pool deck for 15 minutes if thunder is heard, and 30 minutes for lightning. If there is bad weather and the pool must close, we will conduct our Safety Day. On the account of no bad weather during the session, Safety Day is to be conducted during the seventh lesson. Please do not allow your child to skip Safety Day. This is a very important lesson and is part of the YMCA’s swim program. Some requirements on your child’s certificate are only completed on Safety Day. These skills can only be checked off by the instructor if the child attends class. Make up days for the second storm day of the session are to be held on Friday of that week, unless notified by your child’s teacher.
· Private Lesson Policy: For students registered for private lessons, an instructor will be assigned to you within one week of registration. It is the responsibility of the swimmer/parent to schedule all swim lessons with the instructor according to individual availability. Cancellation of lessons due to any other reason than inclement weather and or pool maintenance must be made by 6pm the day before the lesson. Lessons may be rescheduled no more than three times. If the instructor is not notified the day prior to the lesson scheduled and the swimmer does not show up, the swimmer will be charged for the lesson. You have six months to complete purchased lessons.
No refunds after 6 months of purchase date.
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